High transmission quality is of the utmost importance for all types of drivers. It is for
this reason that when the topic of maintenance is brought up, car owners focus
primarily on parts such as tires, brakes, and engine service, setting transmission
tune-ups aside until the very last minute. This can cause potential problems for anyone's vehicle. In order to avoid such difficulties:

Know your car essentials in order to avoid vehicle repair drawbacks.
Frequently change your vehicle's transmission fluid.
When your vehicle is stationary, shift into neutral and let go of the clutch
(manual transmissions).
Avoid using "overdrive" when in rocky terrain.
Verify that your transmission fluid's condition is at an appropriate level.
When your vehicle is stationary, shift into neutral (automatic transmissions).
Ensure that your car does not have any obstructions, especially around
the radiator and air ducts.
Consistent maintence should keep your vehicle out of harm's way. 
Verify that all your vehicle's belts and hoses are in tact.
If your car is a potential at-risk vehicle, increase the amount of
fluid and auxillary cooler changes.
Make sure there are no leaks.
If you should experience any problems with your transmission, see an
Alonso transmission specialist immediately.